Requirements Analysis & Software Specifications

Chosing Dart and Flutter narrows the requirements down to a single code base. Still there are challanges in cross platform development, especially on desktop environments. Flutter does not yet include native bindings for all usecases.

Some programming languages are more specialized in certain usecases like Perl for patternmatching, PHP for server side scripting, Javascript for client side scripting. Java for complex software solutions, as well as c++ or c# which are usually used for Desktop development, and of course 
So chosing Flutter, it's fair to say you can get rid of all of those programming languages and may be left with an implementation of special use cases with C or a service oriented architecture with respective desired language.


Production Environment Requirements

Operating System Server

  • Ubuntu Server 22.04 lts

Operation System Client

  • Android 14 / IOS 

Development Tools

  • Intellij IDEA 2023.3.4
  • pgAdmin 4
  • VS Code 
  • vim


  • Dart 3.3.0
  • Flutter 3.19.0
  • OpenJDK 18 

Software Dependencies

  • Node.js
  • postgresql 14

Package Dependencies

  • bloc
  • path_provider
  • intl
  • window_manager
  • permission_handler
  • grpc 
  • location
  • url_launcher