Dart and Flutter || Flutter and Dart

/** a matter of programming language, framework, ecosystem and passion **/

The domains flutter.engineering and dart.engineering have been aquired specifically to accumulate, respectively organize and present public domain development work of find ai  in cross platform development.
Since 2010 the struggle of having a succesor for Java had begun in a fight for licenses as some may remember. Android and GWT are like Giants before the great flood. Dart was a vision to be a successor of the Javascript and Java language, as well as the V8 Javascript engine. In terms of knowledge and experience of implementing an object oriented programming language, its fair to say it is a good idea (after a flood) to start from scratch and make everything new. Perfection of a language which can surpass the old concept of V8 and enhence language features. Even though a lot has been done since 2013, the core of dart proved to be well specified. 

Dart was the foundation of the first rendering engine sky using skia, the actual rendering of the browser and former V8 engine, which was then outgrown and called flutter and implemented into a complete IDE. 

The toolkits as well could write history. Its fair to say, that eclipse missed the train. Its sad that the super power of the past, which for sure was IBM couldn't get ahold of Java and couldn't keep the integrety of eclipse. Intellij now is the Nr.1. IDE for all kinds of development and they earned it with outstanding consistent hard work. So, even though VS Code is very well accepted and not at least, because there are still MS users, Intellij has a much wider integration of cutting edge tools,  let it be Unreal Engine, Clion, or PHPStorm for server side scripting.

To master the next era of engineering which is ubuquitous engineering and artificial intelligence within the internet of things, some steps have to be done. Some concepts proved well to maintain relevance throughout the years.